UNA is the main public university in Paraguay, committed to quality teaching, research and a clear internationalization agenda through its open policy towards other universities around the world focused especially on student (undergraduate and graduate), faculty, researchers and administrators’ mobility.

Prof. Dra. Zully Concepción Vera de Molinas


Prof. Dr. Miguel Wenceslao Torres Ñumbay


Historical Overview

The National University of Asuncion was founded by the Law of “Secondary and Higher Education” on September 24, 1889, and by Decree on September 30 of the same year the official inauguration was scheduled for March 1, 1890. Three faculties were established: Law and Social Sciences, Medicine and Annexed Fields and Mathematics.

Its distinctive motto, “Vitam impendere vero”, means “to consecrate one’s life to the search for truth” in Latin.
Today the University has 14 Faculties, 5 Centers, 1 Health Research Institute, 1 National Atomic Energy Commission, 2 High-Schools, 40 Branches. It has 81 undergraduate, 2 technical and 234 graduate programs. The academic community is made up of more than 55,597 students and 9,417 faculty members. Its branches are located in 22 cities and 12 departments, which provide an opportunity to thousands of young people all over the country.
UNA is a university committed to society since its inception, promoting education, research, extension, innovation and transparency.